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Title: Anyone home ?
Post by: Mr X on 25 June 2021 05:04:43 PM
Looking for a pdf posted to Sr years ago. 1xtl4an something
Title: Re: Anyone home ?
Post by: Merlin on 25 June 2021 05:26:22 PM
That's a little vague.
Is there any more to go on?
Title: Re: Anyone home ?
Post by: ju4o on 26 June 2021 08:44:26 AM
Hello Mr x. Maybe x stands for xtreme.

One moment you are in desperado mode,

Mr j. I need to  contact you. Please send me your email. I currently live on the streets, am a vigilante and use heroin as pain relief for the injuries incurred. I penetrated the family, through anti toltec, carlitos personal dogs of war. Yes its all real. Our telepathy experiments showed that. I have been given relief, one more vigilante job and send a note to you (Yes you have been noticed) Finally free from her, the tenant that runs the show.

Next moment you are serenely enquiring about an old pdf.

So should we be worried about you or not. What is a vigilante job anyway?
Title: Re: Anyone home ?
Post by: Mr X on 19 July 2021 04:20:07 PM
pdf is something like 1xtl4n_2007 . pdf posted by someone called insanity. was hosted by someone called don something who owned a website called art for the masses.  possible other sources of who downloaded the file are power from colorado or wu from colorado.

i wouldnt worry, ive died multiple times, i only count 5 as they involved medical pros bring me back against my will. been to the other side and coming back again and again is quite a ride. there is definalty some thing over there.

Title: Re: Anyone home ?
Post by: ju4o on 20 July 2021 01:36:39 PM

"i wouldnt worry..."

Well thank goodness for that.

"been to the other side and coming back again and again is quite a ride"

In the church of the little country town of Vitry-le-François on the river Marne there is a most unusual inscription: "Heureux l'homme qui a la mort sans cesse devant les yeux et qui ne vit que pour lui apprendre à bien mourir."
Title: Re: Anyone home ?
Post by: Mr X on 21 July 2021 01:02:17 AM
thanks, i like that. like carlitos would say often anyting touched by death becomes power. while is true, it only lasts about 2 weeks. there is no better feeling than dying and after coming back it sticks with you for that time then wears off.

i stil have the keys to an entire huge abandonded church vigilants operated out of, base #7. was funny one night hearing teens try to break in, sayin "there is meant to be a wizard living in the old church", i smirked hard while bathing myself with an bucket of liquid peyote/mescaline, in pitch black, but could see in the dark. drying myself with priests robes as a towel. terrible times. also used the kitchen in the chruch to properly prepare datura for daily microdoses. lots of stories which i plan to write.


ps. but first i need that pdf.
Title: Re: Anyone home ?
Post by: tally-ho! on 05 September 2021 06:48:32 PM
oh my!

{PING! right?}

(you know, in Hebrew "Mr variable" is "Mr disappeared" - or "Mr changing" - depend on choice of term, נעלם or משתנה)

i reckon you look like a horror, but basically are fine?
everything you touched  became power?

i use much milder version of that patent - they* also prefer to keep me alive and i

can sometimes count on it to help me pass some dangers -
but i never crossed
well, how harsh can they treat a pregnant woman?
not quite

tried to seaech for that pdf - but you're way better then me googling\ducking?
what is it about?
Title: Re: Anyone home ?
Post by: tally-ho! on 08 September 2021 09:42:56 PM
hi, lost variable approaching infinity...
the pdf you asked help finding; i'm not sure why i got stuck on "journey to Ichtlan" - maybe because you mentioned "power". he had it+ other  CC's books' PDFs in his site. mabe some still are at dreamways' site.  some are on SR, but entering it from my tapatalk user i was surprised to be told i'm permanently banned. WTH?? i was about to text them something to that effect, when i remembered - no! i worked so hard to achive exactly this result! so search it there yourself, if you wish.
don hosted abe's site, but you know that?

so  "mis - " -my preciousss - is the death-defyer?
 wow! it never occured to me... although years ago "the wonderer" or some other CC groopy posted in his site that "shoshonopo" told  him (?) - she chose to start a new group in Russia...

i more or less know both freeks, and my impression of them is quite different... my preciousss is a pest - a walk-in - the other lady\gent? ... carlitos respected him\her... almost as a warrior...
met him\her myself, i hardly remember that encounter, it's described in my (lost?)  poem "the  Santa-Ana fights".

and how are you?

p.s. no edit and no preview, alt+p also doesn't work! (before it did.) rthat is, here at forum4-san
Title: Re: Anyone home ? -PDF
Post by: tally-ho! on 17 September 2021 10:13:56 PM
i got stuck - not to say slightly obsessed - on sarching those 2 PDFs you mentioned
to the point of having 2 open tabs with PDF\s (same one opened twice? i don't remember) (guess at least 1 is from The Jhon's site)
too many open tabs... time i close some...
so i attach both here.
problem with ("downloads" encoded strangly -  see image in attachments)"... (as at old times, when i click to open any doc posted here at 4-san-land, it appears at the bottom of the page as "download, and then... i believe they're uploaded to my system files time and again, which open chances foer this or that paltzufas* to do some sleight of hand or another.
now let me download them to my computer than upload them here:(see atachments)
...i'm way too tired to know what i'm doing, hopefully i'll fix it tomorrow - or...
but here
you have it more or less compehensible
(title: hoka hey!)