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Title: email4
Post by: âspen on 17 February 2013 01:18:09 PM
Hello.  Alongside the forum we now have a GNU mailman-based unarchived email discussion list called email4 at (

It should be easy to use, and let us hope it works!  Please advise of any feature requests or problems.
Title: Re: email4
Post by: âspen on 06 February 2014 01:38:33 PM
As we are having our first ever publicity drive perhaps I should try and explain why this email list isn't actually working at the moment.

Forum4 used to be hosted at Dreamhost, one of the old-time enfants terribles of the web hosting industry who used to be good but which have recently brought in professional management with disastrous results.

I started feeling it was time to look for a new enfant terrible of the web hosting industry to move to.

Basically I googled for "find me a host that is as good as Dreamhost used to be 10 years ago".

What google came up with was Webfaction.  It said that if you plug "Webfaction sucks" into google you would get very few results.

So I tried doing that, and got 271 results.  As opposed to 81,400 results for "Dreamhost sucks".

The entire first page of the results for "Webfaction sucks" consisted of articles explaining that if you plug "Webfaction sucks" into google you get very few results.

There was even an article which explained how on the Webfaction web site they invite you to plug "Webfaction sucks" into google, and see how many or few results you get.

Not only that, but the first page of the results contained articles which actually complained that if you plug "Webfaction sucks" into google you get very few results.

Like this for example,

I WANT THAT FIVE MINUTES OF MY LIFE BACK.  I plugged "Webfaction sucks" into google and all I got were a lot of articles explaining that if you plug "Webfaction sucks" into google you get very few results.

Dear Reader, I think I'd better stop.  Anyway, Forum4 is now hosted at Webfaction.  But I never got around to making this email list work at the new host.  I thought no one would miss it, and I didn't know there was going to be a publicity drive.  Sorry.  Hopefully no one will miss it.  If they do, I will get it working again.
Title: Re: email4
Post by: ginkgo on 03 April 2016 10:51:45 PM
This is a test

(I think something may have gone wrong with the forum notification mailer, I will explain if/when I find out what might have gone wrong)
Title: Test2
Post by: ginkgo on 04 April 2016 12:22:46 PM
second test
Title: Re: email4
Post by: âspen on 05 April 2016 09:03:35 PM
Well it seems that the forum emailer has stopped working.  According to the error logs, it stopped working shortly before March 27th.

Does this matter?

It is used for sending new message notifactions (to people who have requested notifications, which is by no means everyone) and it is involved in the new member registration process.  Plus a few other uses, but those are probably the main ones.

I imagine that we could exist without new message notifications, but a forum which new members cannot register at would seem to negate the whole reason for having a forum, so I suggest we should try to fix it or at least think about it.
Title: Test3
Post by: ginkgo on 06 April 2016 08:25:33 AM
3rd test
Title: Re: email4
Post by: Mr X on 06 April 2016 11:53:33 AM
last notification i got from email was march 28, from a post marked as march 27 on forum time (sanchez thread). nothing since then.
Title: Re: email4
Post by: âspen on 07 April 2016 03:39:19 PM
Thanks for checking that up.

Hopefully the problem is now fixed.  Let us see if this post which I am now making generates the correct notifications.

The problem was caused by gmail moving its technology up a notch, in the direction of all email being encrypted, beyond what smf could cope with.

The forum has now changed from gmail to zoho as its email provider.  Zoho appears to be a most worthwhile company:

Title: Re: email4
Post by: Mr X on 08 April 2016 06:31:43 PM
notifications are now active again.
Title: Re: email4
Post by: âspen on 16 April 2016 08:22:36 PM

Well I do like zoho, especially for its unique recruitment practices outlined above, but somehow I'm not finding it 100% convincing.

It seems OK.  But if a solution to the problem with gmail turns up, then I can imagine we might decide to revert.
Title: Re: email4
Post by: tally-ho! on 17 April 2016 07:36:07 PM
 gmail... a big fat fish
Title: Re: email4
Post by: âspen on 18 April 2016 07:07:43 AM

Instead of making sarky comments how about you take over the hosting of the forum.
Title: Re: email4
Post by: tally-ho! on 18 April 2016 02:03:23 PM
what, meee? hosting a forum? are you kidding, or do you wish to throw me to the sharks? with my poor understanding in these things... i hope your'e only joking, aspenito.

wait -
you said "your allocation" "is finished".
but you are the owner of this board?

this is what tosk once said, at least
providing you ARE ga7at, ra6as etc?
are you not?

is there a secret boss above your head?

what? why?

the syndicate?

some archengel or other?
Title: Re: email4
Post by: tally-ho! on 10 May 2016 08:22:59 PM
wait wait again
i found that:

Google has spent the last few years teaching computers how to see, understand, and appreciate our world. It's an important goal that the search giant hopes will allow programs to classify images just by "looking" at them.

And this is where Google's deep dream ideas originate. With simple words you give to an AI program a couple of images and let it know what those images contain ( what objects - dogs, cats, mountains, bicycles, ... ) and give it a random image and ask it what objects it can find in this image. Then the program start transforming the image till it can find something similar to what it already knows and thus you see strange artifacts morphing in the dreamed image ( like eyes or human faces morphing in image of a pyramid ).


a real extremely fat fish, google
i didnt know what i was saying

so - you want me to host it, ah?


easier than just blowing the whole damn thing?
you reckon?
Title: Re: email4
Post by: âspen on 10 May 2016 08:47:26 PM
what, meee? hosting a forum? are you kidding, or do you wish to throw me to the sharks?

Friendly shark

Title: Re: email4
Post by: tally-ho! on 11 May 2016 02:17:26 PM
 ;D ;D ;D
Title: Re: email4
Post by: tally-ho! on 12 May 2016 07:54:23 AM
Title: Re: email4
Post by: tally-ho! on 18 May 2016 02:34:46 PM
since i'm back from the un-done Armagadon hippie assembly (or should i say conference?) gmail have turned a cold shoulder on me.

my account popped disconnected out of the blue, which means i can't check my email, to see whether my cousin still remembers me. or.

clicking "gmail" bring forth the following announcment:
 "This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. "
bla bla...
Check your Internet connection
Check any cables and reboot any routers, modems, or other network devices you may be using.
Allow Chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings.
If it is already listed as a program allowed to access the network, try removing it from the list and adding it again.
If you use a proxy server..."
(i don't have, as far as i know)

no, i won't allow chrome to access anything, though indeed my antivirus is disabled for a while and i fail to re-enable it.
yesterday at noon i got all of a sudden into the log-in page.
found my password, clicked it. it said "username and password do not match." they might be even right. with the big mess that is my notebook, how can i know?
tried again. got this: (see attached printscreen)
it says
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 "don't lose access to the account

a phone to reconstruct the account

add a phone

an email address for reconstruction
google privacy and terms by feed back

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
well - i'm not giving them my phone number.
it's not the first time they try, but they have got  so much more assertive.

i do have a phone, now and than, but not a reconstructable number. i'm on loading cards, and i keep losing or destroying them phones, so, not a good idea.

as for my spare email - fastmail it was - i lost it. my password didn't work - forgot it? or was it disabled? can't tell - and any form to register a new one they send to the backup address  expired before i could register. it was my cousin's, who never liked the arrangement and long asked me to find something else - if they did what they said, it's deleted by now.

should i keep a spare phone just for this purpose? (just red - the killed hamas leader kept 13 phones, to call senior terrorists as well as mistresses.)
in 2013, i think said cousin offered me an account - his phone company offered him a huge reduction for a second family member - they were supposed to come to my place, but they never did, then i moved and the thing was forgotten.
i pay more for less. i also choose to give up my senior citizen reduction in order to avoid that omnipotent ticket that keeps keeping my trail. does it make any difference? i know "they" are connected strait to my brain, if not to my motion chakra (or the equivalent etheric center) - thus the only way to deceive their GPS is to never (more or less)  know where i'm heading - and anyway, nice sharks, dudes,  whatever - i am the terrorist who carry the suicide bomb! potent enough to take the whole world with me! you really think i would pack up for a mail account? after you deleted, or threatened to delete, all i have written over the years?

i know aspenitto you keep a secret copy of all, and will send me one on your whim, or on theirs, or when they don't look. or never. a book for the world? 5 books? 7? no thanks, i'll rather have the horse. i mean unicorn.

- if the world will reover... if memory will recover... who need books - who need an alpha-bet - when everyone can see?

hey! seems like some negotiation after all!
then what's so important about my mail account?

P.S. if i am to open a new mail account - do you recommend that zoho? or else?
P.P.S.S. it's not only gmail - it's google himself, often gives me a ERR_TIMED_OUT
 P.P.P.S.S.S i'm on the dry-spell of having finished my monthly net-stick allocation, which could be the reason\a good excuse for most of said troubles.
 i click "send", need to go.
Title: Re: email4
Post by: tally-ho! on 18 May 2016 08:47:11 PM
the bellow printscreens are showing my net-stick's sms box, usually informing me when i finished my monthly 9 mega or whatever.
i never used it otherwise.
but i keep receiving ads.
yesterday i delete a bunch, but they were not deleted.
trial and error taught me to delete at least 3 at once - but one last wouldn't be deleted, whatever i do!
look at the 1st printscreen:
 1.  the ad at the inbox: "loans for Employees and self-employed".
21 massages at "inbox", 0 at "deleted". time of printscreen is showing.
2.  at a later time: deleted massage deleted, 21 massages at inbox archive, 1 at deleted massages archive.
3. 2nd printscreen:   at yet a latet time: 1 massage at "deleted", 21 at "inbox"...
ad infinitum - i repeated it at least 4 times, during my attempt to print-screen.

who gains what from this?
i guess it is some sort of sorcery - like the subliminal stuff embeded in ads and symbols, (as the satanic stuff on a very romantic Marlboro ad) (i intended to post some such, but i can't enter any page i want to now, so i leave it)

and who gains what from Microsoft insisting on forcing windows 10 on the population? (it was in the papers here recently - people were mad to discover window 10 installed itself on their computers. the newspaper advise: maybe you're better off with window 10... otherwise reconstruct your system to an earlier time.)

following are printscreens showing few failed attempts to "upgrade" my lap-top.

good fairies saved me. but this icon is still on the down left hand corner of my screen, and there is no delete or "no, thanks" button.

same concept - they put a feet in the doorway, and keep it there. waiting for opportunity. they won't take "no" for an answer. not about vaccines, which are already mandatory in the states,  not about fluoride, which is scheduled to be poured into the water in Israel... and what about those "debunked" FEMA camps?

 this one conspiracy, about  an intent to dilute humanity, always seemed to me stupid disinfo; if fliers rulz, as DJ claimed, they would want their herds plantiful, no?

but i was shocked to read some document stating there are colored stickers on people's snail post data in the states, symbolizing how long after - in some cases before - announcement of military regime they would be taken to a FEMA camp, in some cases to be immediately executed.

some crazy amount of guillotines bought by US... a coo-coo conspiracy... but there is already an operating military regime on this world which has a crash on beheading?
the above quotes, notice, [from a documentary book about the holoucast] are no conspiracy. no myth. no fiction. this is History. well documented.

the following quot, though, is pure conspiracy. unscientific, undocumented (as far as we know), mythical mystic legends.

if they will ever become History... "immortalized" in books, testimonies and museums... will it also mean it's too late? as was the case with Mengele and the holocaust?

Title: Re: email4
Post by: tally-ho! on 18 May 2016 08:57:21 PM
hey! seems like some negotiation after all!

indeed! google even posted an answer :
Title: Re: email4
Post by: tally-ho! on 19 May 2016 04:46:27 PM
My adventurous day:
Title: Re: email4
Post by: tally-ho! on 19 May 2016 05:21:29 PM
as for gmail - still loading. since the morning.
afternoon though it gave me the option of HTML.
aspenito, do i need a new mail?

which one you recommend?
Title: Re: email4
Post by: tally-ho! on 22 May 2016 10:25:38 PM
ok. oh well. better the devil you know.
Title: Re: email4
Post by: âspen on 27 May 2016 11:44:08 AM
Hello.  Does your latest note mean that the problems have now subsided to a level of OK normality?

I hope so!  By the way, when you say

as for gmail - still loading. since the morning.
afternoon though it gave me the option of HTML.

maybe you are referring to the following, which sometimes appears when gmail has detected that the standard view is taking an unusually long time to load:

Loading standard view | Load basic HTML (for slow connections)

In that case it is fine to click on 'Load basic HTML', and you will get a version of gmail which works better on slow connections.

However, taking all morning to get that far suggests that your computer was seriously overloaded, and it would be worth asking a friend to help clear it out.  Maybe you've already done that.
Title: Re: email4
Post by: tally-ho! on 27 May 2016 01:04:38 PM

my computer change regularely from normal to very slow, due to my using sometimes net-stick, which slows once i finish my monthly 9 Giga-bite or the like.

thus sometimes i am stuck and move to HTNL display.

unless the buttom does not sow.
my experience: if i close and re-open gmail, 1-2-3 times,eventually the button will show. how soon?
 on it's whim.
 this time it took it a whole day.

Title: Re: email4
Post by: âspen on 29 May 2016 02:25:54 PM
If you have a monthly allowance of 9GB then maybe fate wants you to watch less internet video.

Beware if it wants you to stop drinking coffee or tea.

I understood the peril he was talking about, or rather I had the bodily sensation that I was standing on the brink of an abyss, and that if I leaned forward I would fall into it.

"Your assemblage point moved to heightened awareness," he continued, "because I have lent you my energy."

We ate in silence, very simple food. Don Juan did not allow me to drink coffee or tea.

"While you are using my energy," he said, "you're not in your own time. You are in mine. I drink water."

As we were walking back to my car I felt a bit nauseous. I staggered and almost lost my balance. It was a sensation similar to that of walking while wearing glasses for the first time.

"Get hold of yourself," don Juan said, smiling. "Where we're going, you'll need to be extremely precise."

P.S. you can set your gmail account to be permanently in basic html mode.  When logged into your account, go to this link: which will temporarily switch mode to basic html, and then near the top of the screen click where it says "Set basic HTML as default view" in order to make the switch permanent.
Title: Re: email4
Post by: tally-ho! on 30 May 2016 02:16:30 AM
no, permanently on HTML i'll have to go thru zilion   facebook notifications and such before i see normal mail (in normal display they are in "social" directory) , or cancel them, which i prefer not to - facebook is very elusive with me, (like other sites) and it's good to have confirmations of thing that otherwise tend to disappear.

maybe fate wants you to watch less internet video.
or maybe he rather wants me stuck with extremely slow internet -for youtubs tend to start voluntariousely, sometimes with no sound, so i miss stopping them. sometimes they start few at a time. oh, maybe fate is trying to hint tactfully that i should close all those youtube tabs?
on the other hand fate dosn't want me to save links in whatever  way - they disappear from favorites,  files...

fate definitely got me to take these nonsense stoically.
but... no coffee? damn
you'll need to be extremely precise.
"now be precize" is what i say to myself in certain occasions, after Charlie.
not falling backward out and in to reality again?
Meitar's warning?
you too brute?
(not now! now i need some SLEEP! why am i awake at 5:15 in the morning? when all i wanted ever since  20:00 was SLEEEEP?
Title: Re: email4
Post by: tally-ho! on 30 May 2016 01:50:03 PM
It was a sensation similar to that of walking while wearing glasses for the first time.
but... Carlos had excellent eye-sight? i remember the description of the stones on the stream where he took meskalito.
aspenito is your secret boss irritated today? you cwon't believe how slow my computer got.

tell him\her to relax. i've already drank my morning-coffee this afternoon.
Title: looking into present (trojan?) horse's mouth
Post by: tally-ho! on 04 June 2016 12:09:06 PM
aspenito, did you see my new forum?
SEERS OF THE NEW ERA (and assorted cosmic riffraff) > charlila
what do you think?