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Wow, deleted from sustained reaction after a couple of minutes.  Can't imagine why they might be offended by ...

--- Quote ---Much as it embarrasses me to interrupt this conceit-fest (you two need to get a room), I note that once again you fools have neglected to renew your hosting package for sustainedaction.

... just saying ... as you were.  yuk.
--- End quote ---

Not at all confident dumb and dumber will be renewing sustainedaction anytime soon.

Mr X:
the suprising part is that someone was monitoring that blog enough to delete it in minuites.

sa is still up for me.

realistically, you posted an snarky comment, so what did you expect. there would of been more tactful ways of reminding them. no one would want an post the humiliates them on there own personal blog.

i think senor was an bit sore from the post on genaros hat, but seemed to take it in good sports in the end. if you wanted to not be deleted it would probably be best to try an different tact.

mr x.

Finally they moved it to another board and posted an snarky reply.  And then renewed sustainedaction, LOL. Nowt so strange as folk.  Seriously I don't mind that they delete what I post, my intention was to point out their negligence and the freaky spectacle they have tuned SR into.

Mr X:
the freaky spectacle is interested, i highly doubt it is obvious or visible to the participants.

it is weird. there are people who like toy train sets, and they would constantly think about and internet about their model trains, every day.

i would not critic those people. while it is weird and strange to me about their obsession, but so is any obsession. people like what they like, involve themselves with what they like.

while i definatley think sr has taken an turn for the really weird, i just dont know. maybe they are just train enthusiasts. doesnt make it less weird, maybe senor is just autistic and brujo is just a train man.

either way to post on their forum you have to play by their rules, is only fair.

mr x.

Hi.  "Discussing non-secret business board" is a strange name for a subforum.  Merlin are you trying to undermine the publicity drive by raising all sorts of doubts about what is going on in this forum?

Also, when I first saw this it looked like this

so my natural assumption was that this thread was marked as "deleted" i.e. is not an actual thread.  I think you will agree that was a reasonable assumption.

i.e. I thought you had just deleted a thread started by a robot spammer.

But I must say that speaking to them in Russian is very cool.

Anyway, now that it says "last post by Mr X" I realize this is an actual thread.  But if you want to avoid more people assuming the same thing I did, you might like to rename this thread.

How about "Discussing SR in a completely insulting way thread".

Now, as to actual comment on this thread, here is what I suggest.

I'm not sure if Jeremy realizes you are simply telling him he ought to get Wu to put his (Jeremy's) email address on the hosting contact list.

But I'm also not sure if Jeremy realizes how odd it is of him to say "It's hard to keep track of, because NetSol doesn't send me a bill, nor any notice that a bill is coming due.  That's why it keeps happening.  If the phone or the electric company never billed me, I'd probably forget to pay them too."

He must realize that a company like Network Solutions does send reminders.  I wonder if he is rather embarrassed to admit that he can't actually get Wu to do anything at all.

Wei wu wei = doing not doing.  Or, do not do.  Actually it is a deeply subtle Chinese concept and well worth discussing here.


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