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Mr X:

i am guessing this will be more and thread of questions than answers.

what is the difference between supernatural and paranormal ?

have you ever had and experience that could be described as supernatural.

is there an god

what happens after we die, do you guess

yes or no, bigfeets alien ufos ghosts or fortune telling physics.

does spirituality require and supernatural component ?

have you ever had to knock on wood ?

how do we explore the supernatural ?

do you belief in and soul like concept, or are you meat ?

why people are so dumb? *z
(check reply #3 for more questions added to this question)

Why is there something rather than nothing? *g
(reply #8)

if you answer and question then an explanation of why that is your answer would be appreciated. this seems to be one of those "no wrong answer" situations.

the price of entry to this thread is to answer at least one question. answer an question honestly, and you can ask an question that will get added to the first post.
listen from 21 minutes to about 28 minutes. what do ya think ?

mr x.

I 'spect folks'd be more inclined to reply if th'author first gave his position?

Mr X:
my answer is easy, i do not know.

with the spiritual aptitude of an filet mignon, after both deep and shallow introspection, i can say i am not qualified to decided wether or not god exists. that is my opnion, belief and experience.

i am aware other people do belief in god, and not all of them can be schizophrenic. other people dont belief in god, and not all of them can be smug douchebags. so from the side of the fence that doesnt feel or have and strong god concept, it is that simple - i dont feel it, god has never talked to me, it is sort of an non thing, just not there.

if i had to imagine and god, i guess it would be the whole universe all at once. and pre big bang whatever.

i am curious what god side of fence experiences.

that is my honest answer.

so i add the question,

do you belief in and soul like concept, or are you meat ?

mr x.

 at age 17, in a seance,  i was given at first the job to write down the letters the cup stopped on. they were often jumbled, and when someone asked  "did you mean ___?" the ghost" usually said "yes". i had the letters written, so i knew this was NOT what the cup marked. soon i stopped trying to voice it -  the others resented my interfering with their enthusiasm. and soon Margaret Clausner,  the lady who conducted the seances, gave the writing job to someone else claiming the ghost asked her to, "because she (i) don't believe in them".

there where, exceptionally,  2 clear massages: some family's late baby (as he claimed to be) who repeated on and on: "dad - mom - brother - Gil is here! Gil is here! Gil is here!" and a late dad who told his son "go to paris! go to paris! go to paris!"
(later i saw in a gossip column - the living son was slightly seleb - that he did go to paris. but for some reason i wander - did the suicide of his friend, the  poet Tirza Atar, who i think also been at that seance, had anything to do with all that?)

Tirza Atar singing in a military band. the lyrics written by her father, the poet Natan Alterman. it's her picture on the cover. (
my favorite  - "song with no name", a poem by Tirza Atar, performed by Shalom Chanoch.
*edit*: generally, yes, i was quite covinced that what moved the cup was not the people (including me at some instance) who put their finger on the upside-down glass.  but whatever did, i didn't like most times. they were confused, emotionally puffed up, often misleading, confusing, taking down. with some more experience (once a dead aquainance chased us seance makers dangerously on a foggy road) i got to the practical conclusion - keep away!

~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

this is quotted from another thread:
years later, my late daughter Meitar contacted me after she died. but this, i reckon, was very very different: she talked to me from a time shortly before she died to a future time, in which she was dead.
 i could see it right away  for it compares with another case which i knew very well.
how did i know? i remembered it from past life, which labels it dubious again - but not for me, not any more. in my personal experience it is checked, tried and true.

this happened in my life as  an Indian Lakota woman. i had a strong friendship with Chief crazy horse as a little girl - last saw him, before he died, at (my) age 11.
ever after he was talking to me, telepathically that is, leading me in my way. i reckoned it was his ghost talking; only at my last hour alive i reckoned that he did all the  guidance - during years of my time - from his last hour, before he was killed.

this is how i remembered the whole story in this life:
a dream: i am in a dormitory, many uniform beds with uniform grey wool blankets. it belongs to the church who gave us young Indian girls shelter when Indians where massacred.  my aghuru charlie tells me (telepathically) to take the blanket - a hand woven blanket made by my parents. (i was about to leave). i don't see how  i can find it - when i arrived i spread it on my bed, according to my aghuru's request, but the nuns didn't allow me break the uniformity, so i put it under the mattress, then  shifted beds several times, lost trace of it. to my surprise, i find it easily. [end dream]
(this associates with a story from this life - i lost my sleeping bag just on arriving - by hitch-hiking - to Marseille, dead tired. tried to nap behind a closed gate in a church. the priest called the police, whom i impressed (with a fake story) as a "bonne personne, pas closh" as he said to the abbess he called to get me a shelter.
well - when i dreamed it, i had the experience of many years being guided by charlie; as well as lots of past life memories; so i had no problem to accept the interpretation.
 Charlie had been talking to me (telepathically) and guiding me any time i needed him, day and night, dream and wake, saved my life countless times, other times just kept me content by keeping me company,  many years in this life; not being aware of it from his daily consciousness, but - as far as i know - ALIVE.)

later i recalled more: my boy-friend took me from the monastery and we joined the Circus Black-Elk joined (reading the book "Black Elk speaks" triggered all these memories.)a year later i left the circus to search for my boyfriend who got into troubles. eventually i was caught by 3 criminals.
at a certain moment i said (in thought) to Crazy Horse (=Charlie in our current life)  "hey, you aren't talking to me from the time you are dead!"
- "no."
- "all this time?"
- "right."
"than from when?"
- [look and see]
it's the hour before you died!"
"yes. time stretches before death."
next thing i was about to get panicked; i noticed the sadist in the gang lost his patience with waiting for the others.
at that moment Crazy Horse said: "fire snake - jump! jump from your body!"
i jumped.
saw red before my eye - all red.
that's the last thing i remember.

~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

back to Meitar.

 this was at the end of summer 2009, after my dad got sick and died. i was living in his house.
one evening i left the internet cafe at Central station Jerusalem, went downstairs to pull some money from a machine,  noticed my disk-on-key was absent. went upstairs to the cafe, asked the waiter\tech helper - did you see my disk on key? a swiss-knife design? (cute one, a present from my sister. it contained a back-up of my computer, hopefully copies of scripts that been deleted.)
 "no" he said.
i went downstairs, searched around - nothing. what else?  was about to give up and go.
then i heard Meitarie's voice in my mind, clear and strong, :
"mom, go on searching."
"OK."  i repeated my route, upstairs, downstairs, nothing.
"mom, go on searching." i got puzzled... "it's waiting for you in a drawer."

i went upstairs to the cafe, addressed the cushieress this time:
"did you find my disk on key?"
"let's see" - she opened a drawer.
there it was.
the waiter/tech help just arrived:
"oh, it's yours?"

` `` ``` ````` ``` `` ` ` ` `
days or weeks later, again at Jerusalem central station, early afternoon, i was about to walk out.
had Meitar in my mind.
"meitari, it's not from the time you are dead you are talking to me? - "
"yes, it is the moment before dying. as was with charlie."
i was descending the stairs  when i had this strong vision (like "imagined" - not interfering with reality) of her walking out of the house at first light, going through all the preparations... climbing the chair...
"Meitari, jump!" i shouted (telepathically) at the right moment -"jump from your body!"
she jumped.

this i was surprised to notice before, when trying to "see": hardly any pain. now i saw, greatly relieved, that i was correct.

i walked on and on, through some religious neighborhoods, then empty fields, mountain slopes, a deserted car parking, streets again, singing the aghur^ah chant, and crying unrestrainedly.
it was nearly sunset when it was over. arrived at a buss station to go home.

ever after we were talking from time to time, the manner i'm talking with charlie. she did one crucial thing for me - weaned me from the habit of sinking in grief on remembering her. well, she said it in her letters, and in her diaries... yet it took some couching.

after few years her answers turned  laconic, and very rare.
go, Meitari. thank you for your great help. it's over and done. you are free to go.
(remembering her with joy, while i cry, and with so much admiration...)   
` `` ``` ````` ``````` ``` `` ` ` ` `

conclusions about supernatural stuff?

imo ghost can talk to the living on some occasions.
"and it's good?" (this is a question little Meitar - up to age 4 or 5 - would ask when introduced to info she has no clue about)
no, it'd bad.

but there are also some cases of people (rather "creatures") who contact loved-ones (or others?) from the short period of "stretched time" before their death into the others' future.
love exists, faithfulness exist. the legendary silver thread linking mother's heart to her children's hearts exist.
what else?
telepathy exists, you bet.
i have further-reaching conclusions, based on other experiences i experienced.
~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~
actually - i was thinking for a moment to make a table of the experiences which conversed me from a tough atheist and non-beliefer (i was raised on non-belief) to someone who talks with god, remote people, plants, cats and dogs, alleys, petty tyrants, grammys and even some naguals... thelepaty and whatnot; mark different levels of convictioning by colors. but this is too much work...
but i could tell you some more stories if you are really interested.
what do you want me to tell?
as for the question i'm permitted (well - by my own gudgment as Mr X fixed the procedure) - i still have to check if i can edit other's posts, my geuss would be - no;

let me make it: why people are so dumb?

no, this is not politically correct!

OK - how come people get so stuck with extremely evil, harmfull, ridiculous beliefs? how come people sacrifise their babies to Satan or whatever unseen entities? how come seemingly normal people are cutting their new born boys genitals in a horribly painful way, mumifying then "slightly" for the rest of Life? how come Aztecs cut hearts of leaving people? how come people are so ready to convert to new age beliefs and be waiting to nibiru to save us all - how come people belif in aliens and space craft when they obviously are  just cartoons - or is it the other way around? is nibiru truly lurking to take us over? are aliens walking our streets and spacecraft feeling our skys - then how come it is not taken to be real by normal' scientific, society respectable members?
what's wrong with us humans?


--- Quote ---have you ever had and experience that could be described as supernatural.
--- End quote ---

Yes and so I am absolutely certain there is something going on that science is unable to measure and the we are unable to control.



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