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a nervous hue of pink? - a grammatical particle? a  robot? a program? a vacum cleaner?

I want to know once and for all - who are you, edith, the masked and gloved editor and deliter of my posts?

i'm mad - i fell for it again! mannaged to open The Cat in The Hat - piece of cake! put the link for PG registered version, got carried away  to ramble some more - click! - yes, forgot to copy again - and here goes another item to the garbage!

listen, edith -

enough is enough is enough is enough!

don't you ever spoil again any of my honest work!

or else!

i'll have my work, my recreation, my communication, my life and my love!

and  my family and my Friends!

i'll have my path with heart!

stay out of my way.

if you can't - too bad for you.

edited once by me to return the R to the path with heart

is this going to work?
no, it didn't.
or not yet?

red lines. [as if all words miss-spelled]
clicked again(at chrom's menu) "use this language (american English) for spell check"

same red lines.
British English?

interesting! returning to the google chrome setting page (opened in a new window - not my idea, but accepted) it was as i left it, on american English.
but on the list of languishes, which i saw few seconds ago, "British English" was replaced with "English. clicking "use this language for spell checking yields "this language cannnot be used for spellchecking (see the attached print screen)

but returning to the tab of "post a reply in which i'm typing now, the red lines were gone! reduced to words with mistakes! (more mistakes than usual with me)

i had no much  clue what i was about to write in this freshly opened topic, my assumptions proved (so far) fat-fetched (a poem? something with dew drops being a full world?)

(something to do with fractal attributes? which dew drops have as well as... o well!)
(clicking "post" got "this page is not available - the connection is timed out. and AGAIN i didn't copy-past it anywhere! clicked arrow back, copy-pasted it into doc. let's see what clicking "Post" will be this time.)
Repeated,  as before.
Forgot to copy-pst the last new lines. I will now (including this one) (AND the link to the un-send post;board=4.0 (;board=4.0)

+ the new one;board=4.0  (;board=4.0)
~ ~

This webpage is not available
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So shall I go change firework definitions (if I'll ever find it?) 9I WILL, HOUGH IT MIGHT TAKEAN HOUR OR 2) and declare I don't want to use a proxy server (which as far as I know I don't use?)
Nah, let me try post it in existing thread.

I was looking at some web pages with names like "16 things you could do with your leap second" or "21 more ways to get the most out of your precious leap second".

I liked the suggestion which said "visit Wales".

(the title is my late dad's favorite ze'ev Jabotinsky quote)

--- Quote --- X: french shamans,
--- End quote ---

no - knut is no shaman.  the title he sports is "elder".
is it ok with indian ("native american") traditional procedures? Well… liminal, IMO.

--- Quote --- jojola,
--- End quote ---
he IS a shaman, his work is excellent – when he calls the spirits to protect your circle, you are protected. though foreign influences slip his attention. new age chants, vegetarian meals in the camp…   
--- Quote ---what do they offer you that you cannot provide yourself ?
--- End quote ---
Though my own tribal tradition is intact, potentially that is,  my tribe assembly, the Saraf, is unorganized, null, on earth by now, so all services are not functional. Most of the time I do my work on my own – public ceremonies i perform mostly by "hit and run", edit: personal ceremonies of climbing a hill i did many times on my own. (like vision quest, they require some  arduous stuff - edit: my personal version is -3 days fasting while  hiking to find appropriate hill.) for my vision quest i needed the services of a good functional shaman, from a real tribe - fortunately i found  Joel Jojola's invitation.

what i couldn't provide myself thus got other's aid:
(Joel jojola's)
1. circles

as a Lakota medicine man[=shaman] explained to black elk: you can't perform edit: accomplish a vision unless you have a circle - the other tribe member's acceptance and support. this is the source of power for anything done in a tribe, or any group for that matter.
my experience as a kind of guerrilla warrior: you can't do anything without a circle. thus often the first step for any action is -  "circles work", creating circles while preventing opposite circles from being closed.
this is not the place to elaborate on this - let's just say, the high performance of a tribe is circles based. circles are crucial to a visionary as much as votes are crucial to a politician.
i needed the solid support of a functional working procedure for recruiting circles - one that is not an outlow like mine.

2. protection. i crucially needed the protecting circle Joel created around each vision seeker -   at that time, i couldn't have possibly stand the attacks without it. Something to do with a change of meta-earth law which I only guess? -  thank you again, dear Joel! 
3. (both) opportunity to relate to (more or less) remarkable people without commitment - which would have risk their security. It's nice to have some real life company once in a while… which I can't afford too often – accept yaha^lalyah,  who had no life without me, and asked me to set him free, which I did, so he is with me in fire and water.

--- Quote ---why do you seek their systems. aside from isolation, why cant you make your own system ?
--- End quote ---
aside from isolation, my system is  checked, tried and true, and is complete and  ipeccable. my tribes assembly, the Saraf, from Taghuwar [="atlantis"*] lived very happily ever before we blew up the island to prevent it from becoming totally corrupted at the hands of bad guys.
(hint hint!)
this was before the closing of the tamahtufah, at that time telepathy was as apparent as talking is today - our language  was talking and telepathy combined. And everything was magical. We lit our cooking fires by magic, found our way – our path with heart -  by the magic of dancing, and so on.
I wrote a book that aside from history (or "fantasy" as non-beliefers would belief it to be) elaborates a lot about the wonders of the magical system. The 35 roles in the human loose washarah {=combined of a human washarah  + 5 groups of  variable number of washarat from other 5  species – animals, plants and spirits [=luminous inorganics].} an introduction - grammatical and philosophical -  to the language, including the table  of durim (specifying the meaning of each consonant) and the list of meaning of all vowels. And so on.
(just one formula is missing…)

a modern version of "my system", fit for the current conditions?
 i believe it exists. but this is only a guess. i don't know.
as the slogan on a ti-shirt (one i bought my son towards his  recruitment) goes:

 "my job is so secret, that even i don't know what i'm doing!"

all the more so I can't introduce it in public, open my school, (just the one you asked about, ju40) re-establish my tribe, as I thought I  will, years ago.
"they" [=the "bad guys", "devils", "gods", who sabotage whatever I do] won't let me.
Actually, I won't do what I am prevented from doing anyway – security-wise... so  have i been acting all this years, pretending to be a miserable looser?  having my kids pay a price? Very possibly.

--- Quote ---:G: Ms Z, if you say you encountered aliens in dreams, do you mean they exist separately from you and you communicated through dreams, or that it was just a dream fantasy?
--- End quote ---

bingo question G-to!

At the time I dreamed of escaping from abduction (it's written somewhere, and i won't find the link now) i believed they were inorganic beings, casta brand - because i "believed" inorganics existed (following the aforementioned journey with 2 inorganics following me all the way from south France to Amsterdam) and also since i identified 1 of them as my ex's father, which my ex long before identified as an ib incarnated in human body.
though i saw in my dream 3 spacecrafts landing, very tall creatures exit, 3 beams of green light projecting, crossed on me,paralyzing me, with immense effort i woke - yet i had no doubt it was "dreaming", meaning – encounter of sorts, no fantasy - it never occurred to me they could actually be aliens. i took space crafts and all as merely "dream display". (let me redirect you to my own question for this thread: "why people are so dumb?")
my dream about the grey... a dream or pure telepathy? Much stronger telepathy then i ever experienced - closing my eyes (asleep? or not?) I saw a plain on which pastel colors – green, pink, violet - were moving, changing, mingling, then a similarly colored ball appeared in front of the plan, casting colorful shadow on it, colors changed, changed, changed, changed, then a classic grey was looking at me. i got up from the hammock and went home. didn't want to talk to him - though he was nice, had shining eyes, not frozen like in grey pics. he was like excited pet mouse. later someone said this vision was a demonstration of  high dimensions - sure, a ball's projection on a plain! - yet i postponed judgment for years - i didn't "believe" in allies. yet.
if something is impossible, than it doesn't happen, right?
in both cases i had no doubt that i encountered real beings, not dream fantasies. but aliens? don't be ridiculous!

And you, G-to, do you believe in the omnipotence of NSA, or at least in their ability to read anyone's mind to the last single word any time they wish? If so – why?

* rofelmaw! remember how Dog, the Ghost, the 1st, leaped on me like rabies bitten  when i mentioned this?

"Our employees live along the Colonial-era streets of Annapolis and Georgetown; in the suburban surroundings of Columbia; near the excitement of Baltimore's Inner Harbor; along rolling hills adjacent to working farms; near the shores of the Chesapeake Bay; and amid the monumental history of Washington, DC.

If you would like more information about the Baltimore/Washington area, The State of Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development sponsors an informative Web site, Here you will find a community profiles section that is full of facts on Maryland and its counties. You may also contact the Department toll-free at 1-888-ChooseMD (1-888-246-6736).

Other Locations
We also have locations in Augusta, Georgia; San Antonio, Texas; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Denver, Colorado." (


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