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general superparanatural exploration - part 2

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Mr X:
this is an continuation from part 1.

mr x.

for ease of post references, this is 2#0, the first post in part 1 is 1#0.
discussion of the guessing rounds in part 1 are welcome, more guessing rounds are not. we will get to that.

Mr G:

--- Quote ---Uncle Sam Doesn't Need You!


Then the psychiatrist checked into something else. "You said that you talk to your deceased wife. What do you say to her?"
I got angry. I figure it's none of his damn business, and I say, "I tell her I love her, if it's all right with you!"
After some more bitter exchanges he says, "Do you believe in the supernormal?"
I say, "I don't know what the 'supernormal' is."
"What? You, a Ph.D. in physics, don't know what the supernormal is?"
"That's right."
"It's what Sir Oliver Lodge and his school believe in."
That's not much of a clue, but I knew it. "You mean the supernatural."
"You can call it that if you want."
"All right, I will."
"Do you believe in mental telepathy?"
"No. Do you?"
"Well, I'm keeping an open mind."
"What? You, a psychiatrist, keeping an open mind? Ha!" It went on like this for quite a while.
Then at some point near the end he says, "How much do you value life?"
"Why did you say 'sixty-four'?"
"How are you supposed to measure the value of life?"
"No! I mean, why did you say 'sixty-four,' and not 'seventy-three,' for instance?"
"If I had said 'seventy-three,' you would have asked me the same question!"


When I finally got back to Schenectady I went in to see Hans Bethe. He was sitting behind his desk, and he said to me in a joking voice, "Well,
Dick, did you pass?"
I made a long face and shook my head slowly. "No."
Then he suddenly felt terrible, thinking that they had discovered some serious medical problem with me, so he said in a concerned voice, "What's
the matter, Dick?"
I touched my finger to my forehead.
He said, "No!"
He cried, "No-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!" and he laughed so hard that the roof of the General Electric Company nearly came off
--- End quote ---

From "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!": Adventures of a Curious Character, by Richard P. Feynman

In similar vein,

--- Quote ---In one test the interviewer gave each candidate a blank sheet of paper and asked him to study it and describe what he saw in it. There was no one right response in this sort of test, because it was designed to force the candidate to free-associate in order to see where his mind wandered. The test-wise pilot knew that the main thing was to stay on dry land and not go swimming. As they described with some relish later on in the BOQ, quite a few studied the sheet of paper and then looked the interviewer in the eye and said, "All I see is a blank sheet of paper." This was not a "correct" answer, since the shrinks probably made a note of "inhibited imaginative capacity" or some goddamned thing, but neither did it get you in trouble. One man said, "I see a field of snow." Well, you might get away with that, as long as you didn't go any long as you did not thereupon start ruminating about freezing to death or getting lost in the snow and running into bears or something of that sort. But Conrad...well, the man is sitting across the table from Conrad and gives him the sheet of paper and asks him to study it and tell him what he sees. Conrad stares at the piece of paper and then looks up at the man and says in a wary tone, as if he fears a trick: "But it's upside down."

This so startles the man, he actually leans across the table and looks at this absolutely blank sheet of paper to see if it's true -- and only after he is draped across the table does he realize that he has been had. He looks at Conrad and smiles a smile of about 33 degrees Fahrenheit.

This was not the way to produce the Halo Effect.
--- End quote ---

~The Right Stuff, Tom Wolfe

Mr X:
hello g and j,

nice quotes. an good start. i can remember trying to read the right stuff as an lad. didnt get far. i liked the movie.

as an general reply, first i want to add this link for easy reference, 1#191

compared to the start of part 1 i am...not sure what to say. i am more inclined to belief in superpara being real than i was before.

that summary in 1#191 seemed to knock some sense into me. what ever mr paranormal/mr ea is, some intent of the universe, some magical sprite, some program in the matrix or some whatever, it seems like that being involved is an better explanation than us all becoming incredibly accurately telepathic or psychic for fun.

there are however i think some traces of telepathy like things that remain undiscussed. but due to time passed and the transient nature of perceptions it is hard to say for sure.

the best part is that it happened. we wanted to talk about these things and something very interesting happened.

mr g, something i am very curious about is your experience. you reported getting a feeling for the supernatural then retracted it later citing an mental anomaly. if you can remember and want to say, i am wondering about what you experienced, and why you discarded it. in the current context that it is possible mr supernormal was around when you were thinking the new flavor of supernatural was around. and when you shut it down you experienced and strong feeling of unpleasantness.

in other words i am wondering if you actually noticed mr strange as he was around but discarded him as an normal anomaly.

mr x.


--- Quote ---: i am wondering if you actually noticed mr strange as he was around but discarded him as an normal anomaly.
--- End quote ---

is your Mr strange and vampire? he might have been "and normal anomaly" that i have seen one of this nights.


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