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Re: general superparanatural exploration - part 2
« Reply #15 on: 24 August 2015 10:21:07 PM »
Okay, perhaps it is time to get a bit more serious. The title of this thread reveals a problem we've been having in our meandering discussions, that is: what do we mean when we say "supernatural"?

We have posted general questions about stuff we variously call "weird" or "strange" or "spooky" et cetera. It is not immediately clear to me why it is weird or spooky, it just seems to be so because it cannot be explained by conventional means, i.e. what we call science. There is also a general disagreement over whether these things actually exist or not, with at least some people (including myself) being emotionally motivated to "believe" that some do exist. I think it could be enlightening if we go to Mr X's post nr 1 in the original thread and distill those questions into more fundamental ones. Maybe ghosts and bigfoot don't belong in the same category, and I don't think bigfoot belongs in this discussion at all. This is just an example and I'm sure X meant it at least partially as a joke. However... It may be worthwhile to have an initial category for "fantastic creatures", including fairies and sprites and bigfeet to explore if there is something there, even if it is just to eliminate it from the current discussion.

I'm typing this as I'm thinking it, I will go back and look at the questions and I invite you all to do so too. I'm hoping to come up with something along the lines of "violates cause-and-effect" or "thought influences world directly" or "unknown intelligence at work" or some reason why we call it supernatural. I'm hoping that we can eliminate some of the variables so if we build an experiment - even a thought experiment - we're looking at the right stuff.

X, I've now forgotten your exact words, but you asked about the mania. It turns out to be quite easy to describe, it seems to be a mixing of senses happening; lots of visual thoughts, quite detailed, things acquire a feeling like "compact" or "diffuse" or "disconnected".. I remember talking about a flavour, my daily experiences just seemed to "leave a good taste in the mouth". You get the idea... but it was mostly a visual/feeling thing. I remember at one point vividly seeing myself riding (surfing?) the crest of a something like a pressure wave, and I recognized what J4 called "the Age of Aquarius" as this wave (though he posted this much later). It "felt" like really big change going on, like a phase change  of matter, or one of those chemical reactions where it goes through a couple of stages... it's a clear liquid... it's a milky froth... bam! it's a spongy solid. I had visions (visual ideas) of a layer of "bullshit" (deception or self-deception) so tightly weaved into our lives that we could never individually unravel it, but the bullshit is connected to itself and looked like it couldn't hold its' form under its' own tremendous weight. It looked like a shapeshifter going through all its' prior forms before it dies...

...and the oppressed breathe free, their ordeal over, the monster lies slain... by other parts of itself.

And then perhaps I realised that we're not there yet, that "something doesn't smell right" and it was the smell of bullshit all around... and I fell off my surfboard and got knocked around by the wave and spat out on the beach of "Huh? WTF?"

Thus spake Garathustra.

Mr X

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Re: general superparanatural exploration - part 2
« Reply #16 on: 25 August 2015 09:58:27 AM »
hello g,

an valid and strong criticism of part 1 was that it lacked focus and direction. that is probably why the telepathy/guessing things were latched onto, as it at least provided something semi tangible to focus on.

what you are proposing provides some focus and direction that has been lacking in this discussion. keep in mind the first post of part 2 can be edited to add the new focus or questions.

i am all for the refinement and distillation of the initial questions. if you want to take the lead on this, i am with you.

bigfoot - if it exists as people describe, it is an intelligent animal in the wild. not super or para at all. if it has value to the discussion, it is the idea of an myth or legend with lots of witnesses that is generally questionable.
then there is aliens. lets say grey aliens fly around in classic silver discs for real - physical beings in high tech machines, all good, not supernatural or paranormal. and they can talk with telepathy. not good, as we would consider telepathy something special. the fringe ideas of weirdness do have some value to the discussion, but they are not the discussion. if that makes sense.

ghost are an interesting anomaly, as i have said before, you can try to find them. im sure wherever anyone lives they could quickly find an ghost tourist tour or and haunt with an quick google search.
you cant do that with exploring telepathy. ghosts also have an interesting range of explanations - from environmental factors causing strange perceptions, all the way to there being indications of an afterlife. (for the record my belief of ghosts is about 45/55 in favour of them being real, as in people report something real, the explanation is unknown)

regarding the mania, it was worth the wait to hear your explanation. it is my unproven opinion that everyone involved in those guessing rounds experienced some degree of mania (with the exception of miss - ) . i also think it is going to happen again, and again. without going into detail - some self discipline seems to be in the future. there was also an direct line of activity between you ending up on the beach and the enthusiasm of miss - to make an guess in the final round z.


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Re: general superparanatural exploration - part 2
« Reply #17 on: 22 February 2016 10:57:15 PM »
hello mr g,

i dont know if you will see this but i am writing to you anyway.

i have 2016 set aside for version 4 of my system. version 3 in 2015 did not work out so i will have to reschedule that.

version 4 is pretty much about other people. participating in their worlds. one way of saying it would be - the goal is to participate while not believing in them. learn and interact but dont become caught up in the people. as i had never typed up a description of the holding pattern before talking about it with you, i am finding it hard to describe v4 too.

once i run out of versions i dont know what i will do with the remaining years.

mr x.