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pure water versus Pepsi-cola
« on: 20 August 2016 10:35:57 PM »
aspenito, i do drink coffee on waking, yet i never forget your warning:
quote aspen's quoting Carlos:We ate in silence, very simple food. Don Juan did not allow me to drink coffee or tea.

"While you are using my energy," he said, "you're not in your own time. You are in mine. I drink water."

As we were walking back to my car I felt a bit nauseous. I staggered and almost lost my balance. It was a sensation similar to that of walking while wearing glasses for the first time.

"Get hold of yourself," don Juan said, smiling. "Where we're going, you'll need to be extremely precise."
(sigh) tonal of the time is shurely changing... the new generation of warrior parties do not hike to stalk allies in mountains and desert anymore... they are too busy stalking each other on-line. >:(
 as for the diet:   simple food out!  Carlos' Mexican students' current nagual's recipy  - according to his foe,  Julio Diana yeitekpatl -  is: meat  and Pepsi-cola.

or are they "stalking" Jeremy?
 ;D ;D ;D    ;D ;D

 gaurdianlobo2 - Alfonso Agilar -  declair in his brilianty comical English all Jermie's beliefs... for instance:
(gaurianlobo2:) My two ever present questions are ...
how do you know it ? You can prove it?

(Jermy/TalkingBrujoDog:) Always two of my questions as well.
Jermy constantly goes - "i agree", "thank you for answering", "i believe..." - culmunating in:

 Julio Diana yeitekpatl,
 in the same time he present himself as a cult minister, make declarations about the things the flyers supposedly do iwth my anus, saying the catholic child abusers priests are better tahn me (lol) and comparing my with hitler. I use that to roof hate speech, partial point of view, and thanks to that i can proof sexual harrasment for be heterosexual. Is not your interest but was very tedious see Juan Yolilistli forums identities of making assumptions of use of my father do with me, comments about broom sticks (false and notarized as a proof oif harrasment). When in a trial that idiot make many good comments as my body builder body, my money and suits, was homsexual in nature.

I have harrasment for my heterosexual preference. my sentimental ones always be attacked for that people.
Sustained Reaction > Castaneda's Legacy > Castaneda's Mexican Students
#61 urionatle
Alfonso orozco aguilar aka Lobo guardian aka Nagual was denounced because he managed a cult.
Rojo intenso cult, he collected money, he got human labor time and sexual favors from womans in the cult.
He managed a "special diet": only drink a lot of pepsi, and only eat meat. The reason? because pepsi had pepsina, and element able to give you a shot of energy, and be able to change to wolf.
He burned Eucalyptus and rue in a campfire, so he used hallucinatory plants.
look out with this psycopathic guy.
Here the denounced:

In the periodism's magazine:
In the mexican radio:
that thread worth reading - if you like some healthy laufter.
P.S. in this thread from 2006: 
Lobogaurdiann2's English is so much better...

Jeremy's answer to that one:
By reading your links, I already understood that was the reason it became an issue.  I get it.  Yet here too, since that is not directly relevant to Castaneda, I ask you not to further discuss their sexual orientation. It is not necessary, for no one will be allowed to sexually harass anyone here. It is against the board rules.
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ohh the great sceptic debunker!?!
פתי מאמין לכל דבר
לחתול ולעכבר
העכבר קנה כרטיס
והכניס אותו לכיס
(that's what children sing to someone whos leg was wieldly pulled:
dupe believe in anything
believe the cat, believe the mouse
the mouse have bought a ticket
and put it deep in his pocket
and another twist:
 watch - see - this tupe,
 and tell: is he a nagual or not?
is he merely a clown?
or is he THE nagual?
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בַּרִ^י(כְּ) מָנְטָלַה
טַרֻי וָצַ'קָ[ת]
רַתּוּי מֻ(מ)רַטָּ[ת]
כָּהָר מַרֲטָה
טָרִיק בָּרְבַּרֻ רָטַּטֻהִי

~נהפכ נהפכ ונהפכ~