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current status get out of the closet
« on: 01 January 2017 02:15:51 AM »
Shawn wrote in The Hat's shoutbox that he lost his login to forum4 (did he write "lost my contact?" I avoid re-checking for I can't access the shoutbos unless I post  - relucnent to push old posts to oblicion.
He asked if anything new here; so I came to check.
No, Shawn, nothing new; last post in "current status>"disscuussing buisness forum" 25 October.
But you can still read the open forums? Can you?
Lost your login on "changing motherships
my old Venusian  friend have taken you aboard?  And nexts what?
I hope *I* can post this. not trivial! – I can't post anywhere except The Hat's shoutbox.
Except yuku's "brief hiccup" deleting my last post twice, mosty last few months I can't do anyhing while connected.  I connect, open tabs, disconnect and read; re-connect , to click "reply"(sometimes it take some more time or complications); disconnect to write the reply; re-connect to post, and so on.
Sometimes it's better; sometimes the wrath of  gods is storming – and all my mouse clicking is uneffective. Practically net-paralysis, if not computer-paralysis.
Shall I indeed shift to crotcheting?
Ga7at – our aspen – hinted [shoutbox] that the suchlike problems have become universal – not just mine.
What with G?
Hoya hombres – I take it that you too have difficulties posting. If not so – drop a word, just to assure us you are still capable of login!
Unless you find it unadvisable.
(this is at least partly what Xtried to do in his "current status" threas - but if folks can't login...
אָהוֹי כַּנְטַלָהּ
בַּרִ^י(כְּ) מָנְטָלַה
טַרֻי וָצַ'קָ[ת]
רַתּוּי מֻ(מ)רַטָּ[ת]
כָּהָר מַרֲטָה
טָרִיק בָּרְבַּרֻ רָטַּטֻהִי

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Re: current status get out of the closet
« Reply #1 on: 01 January 2017 12:57:16 PM »

Hi yes can log in, not sure why you are having problems.  Might be that your machine is seriously overloaded.  Have you tried from an internet cafe?  Anyway, happy new year.