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New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by Mr X on 25 February 2016 07:00:31 PM »
hello mr j,

that is in interesting way of looking at it.

it is also intersting that older = better is also a thing with casta. the earlier books are considered better.

when it comes to casta and dj, what do you prefer - older reclusive mysterious casta or current

i think there was something else in an casta book, where he says each generation sort of reworks the stuff... i cant remember. i think there is a quote about that somewhere in those books.

mr x.
New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by ju4o on 23 February 2016 09:16:41 PM »
There is more of it about than one might think.  Last time I was in Russia I met an Old Believer.

Estimates place the total number of Old Believers remaining today at from 1 to 2 million, some living in extremely isolated communities in places to which they fled centuries ago to avoid persecution.  Old Believer population stands at some 3,000 in Bolivia, while that in Alaska is estimated at 2,500.


By the way, Castaneda's accounting of the old/new situation is unexpected.  Normally, in shaman-related matters, there seems to be a general presumption that older = more authentic = better, but not so with dJ.

The new seers corrected the mistakes of the old seers


That, I think, is one of the surprising things in Castaneda which suggest he wasn't making it all up.
New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by tally-ho! on 23 February 2016 12:13:58 PM »
ps. z, i have no idea what the fuck you are talking about,

mr x.
that seems to make another synchro - i was just wandering about WTF in some tupe i got somewhere else meant.

this door? next door? why? who was who? where were all the flowers gone?
Swimming for my Dad / Re: general superparanatural exploration - part 2
« Last post by Mr X on 22 February 2016 10:57:15 PM »
hello mr g,

i dont know if you will see this but i am writing to you anyway.

i have 2016 set aside for version 4 of my system. version 3 in 2015 did not work out so i will have to reschedule that.

version 4 is pretty much about other people. participating in their worlds. one way of saying it would be - the goal is to participate while not believing in them. learn and interact but dont become caught up in the people. as i had never typed up a description of the holding pattern before talking about it with you, i am finding it hard to describe v4 too.

once i run out of versions i dont know what i will do with the remaining years.

mr x.
New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by Mr X on 22 February 2016 10:02:24 PM »
hello mr j,

so what happened, did the bishops plan work or not work ?
what was the fate of Gaspar Culan.

in the past few days i watched an show called vikings. the day i finished the 3rd season i was lucky, the 4th season started in america that day and was on ice.
pagans vs christians was a main theme during that tv show. it is something i have been thinking about, the old gods vs the new, or the none gods.

i would like to hear more.

ps. z, i have no idea what the fuck you are talking about, try to be more focused.

mr x.
New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by tally-ho! on 22 February 2016 03:49:18 PM »
*"red comrades" is a computer game – im my last post it "somehow, mysteriously" was displayed as merely an image.
so, Again:

Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev and his fellow aide Petka wake up to find themselves in a bad hangover and in a worse mood. They realize that someone has stolen the Red banner from the HQ. Our heroes are totally depressed with such a misfortune, just like every decent Red army fighters should be.
This unbearable offense leaves them no choice but to sneak into the enemy territory and to retrieve the precious banner.
Although it's not the end of the story yet! Somewhere on the moon, legions of alien invaders prepare to conquer Earth. But could such a little thing really give a scare to the Red Army heroes?
this time it is displayed as a link... yimken buqra [=maybe tomorrow]
tisbexu a^al haxeir [=nana tov] [but it's morning]
New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by tally-ho! on 22 February 2016 03:46:24 PM »
[i open a new thread for the mere reason that for - 2? 3 days? i am unable to post in the victor sanchez thread, or in the yuku board. each time i click "submit" (or "post" over there) i get "the webpage is not available". once the  whole multi-tabswindow was closed. it did appear in history - unlike last time when one didn't - but the post i was writing was deleted. luckily i copy-pasted it somewhere.
admin on charge - X? you are more then invited to move this post to the victor sanchez thread. thank you.
` `` ``` ````` ``````` ``` `` ` ` ` ` ` ` ``` ````` ``` `` ` ` ` ` (reply#13

quote ju4o
Mr x, "sayings like 'i will never drink again' or 'im going to change'. it causes a person to go inside themselves, looking for a solution that doesnt exist."

Tv z, "What about… not drinking?"

A good moment to bring in the other side of the story,

Gaspar Culan didn't believe the sun was a god.  At the age of twenty two, he had a plan.
martin Pretchel:
his village of santiago atitlan would be fixed. repaired, taken out of the... old customs, taboo and primitivizm and a cycle of non-productive ceremonializm where people spent all their food and money... to feed a non-existent profusion of imagined deities, mixed and hybridized with uncanonized images of saints.
sounds like a small-scale red comrades*  revolution!

*see my next post

even the sun god bit - look at the "international" lyrics (handily in my post above):

if the great thunder rolls
Over the pack of dogs and executioners
For us the sun will shine like it used to
With the light of its rays

and if you think those God-less people, the red comrads, are too atheistic for such religious nonsense - look how that anthem begins:
Get up, branded with a curse,
The whole of hungry people and of slaves.
branded with a curse.
do atheists believe in curses?
do communists like electric sheep?

The communist anthem also say, just like that 20 years old from pretchel's village (I avoid trying to open the thread to check the names – maybe later) - it's Gaspar Culan

Only we    ...
Have the right to own the ground
But spongers - they will get it never!

  surprisingly, unlike Gaspar Culan, the Internationale does not under-estimate the sun god and "the breed of non-existent entities":
And if the great thunder rolls
Over the pack of dogs and executioners
For us the sun will shine like it used to
With the light of its rays

are we dealing with mere poetic metaphores?

so did the sun shine for them as it used to?
yes, (minus 3%) for the new elite - but not for the peasants. nor for the laborers  - as the ultimate classical soviet Russian  joke states:

 when (like any simple mortal, alas!) Stalin passed away, he landed, naturally, in hell, where he met old Tzar Nicolay.
the Tzar was very sentimental.
"tell me, tovarish", said the Tsar, "is Russia still great and mighty?"
"obviousely" replied Stalin proudly.
"and the simple people are starving and herded to work as hard as they can?"
"of course!" boasted Stalin.
"and the secret police scare the hell out of the citizens?"
"rest assured!"
"and Sbyria is full of prisoners?
"and the vodka is still 70% alcohol?"
"the percentage of alcohol in the vodka is slightly reduced", said Stalin, slightly embarrassed, "it is 67% presently."
"thus tell me, tovarish", said the Tzar. "for merely  3%, was all this revolution worth while?"

Loose of 3% of your condolence… or is it a gain?
 When I was younger, and less in the know, I noted: each nation (mine included), gets "what it deserves", revolution or no revolution. there are communal "fates" which are, as this joke indicates, very hard (unless impossible) to shake.
Nowdays, I would agree with the internazional's conclusion: that each nation\tribe\family\group, is
branded with a curse
so was the curse removed as the internazional had promised? sunshine to the masses forever ?  .
nah, that was a practical joke.

 same "bunch of dogs and executioners".
same lady in a different gown.

  coatlicue, the Mayan goddess of fertility and natural disasters, a friend of ____,  (sorry, I try to google for details but all my new tabs go "this webpage is not available". it is 2-3 days i fail to post it on both boards -i'll post it as is. maybe later i'll complete.) - it's tlalok. god of storm, thunder and rain.
quote wikipedia:
According to Aztec legend, she was once magically impregnated by a ball of feathers that fell on her while she was sweeping a temple, and subsequently gave birth to the gods Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl. Her daughter Coyolxauhqui then rallied Coatlicue's four hundred other children together and goaded them into attacking and decapitating their mother. The instant she was killed, the god Huitzilopochtli suddenly emerged from her womb fully grown and armed for battle. He killed many of his brothers and sisters, including Coyolxauhqui, whose head he cut off and threw into the sky to become the moon.wikipedia:

I happened to read some PDF (in horrible Google translation) that was posted on  Dreamhackers.Eu, describing the Kremlin (full of occult -  link the 5 onions and you get a pyramid) – it's sorrounding walls, at the Tzars times,  where a site for criminal executions, the daesh style – a cannal ran under that wall  to drain the blood.

what's this obsession with decapitating?
does it have anything to do with "the eternals", which the only way to kill them is seperate their heads from their spine?

the new build "kremlin" at Ein-Karem. Grandessa!

i don't know how Russian simples are "branded"[=marked, as sheep are branded by the sign of their owner] maybe the communist red card i a modern mark.
nor do i know how Mayans are. my own people (some deliberate confusion between religion and nationality been created, to avoid unbranding) marked by cutting off male's foreskin when they are way too soft to resist or even remember the parental betrayal.

a bloody history of killing, pogroms and  one formal holocaust follows.
the Bolshevik thunder/sun gods/entities seem as fierce and violent as the Mayan mythical ones, those who gaspar culan didn't believe existed:

If you want…
To win back your property -
You should fire up the furnace and hammer boldly,
while the iron is still hot!
and petty capitalists:
Only we …
Have the right to own the ground
But spongers - they will get it never!

these BobSpongers strongly remind me of casta's "flyers".
Ravenna, the ex-leader of the DreamHackers, once wrote that Russia is deeply enslaved by the flyers, and encouraged her apprentices to spot the difference since the last 2 centuries.
Reading casta's books, it never occurred to me those "inorganics" could have anything to do with advanced technology;
But if what the guys from DreamHackers.Eu describe  are the flyers/ "the archons" (mental parasites mentioned in the Gnostic scripture, similar to DJ's description of the flyers – both "give" each person, when born, "their own soul" and leaving his original one in comma for life) or a partial group of those – then it includes technology, implants, as well as bureaucracy…

few - including Ravenna - have described how a sharp object was stuck into their upper palate in dreaming. painful thing. i mention it because, although i have no such memory, i have a needle-like object stuck in my upper gum, where a tooth is missing. rentgen does not detect it, thus no dentist is ready to  admit it's existence - let alone take it off - though at some point i could lift it's end with my fingers - like a fish's bone, thin, transparent, flexible - planned to take it off by myself with twisars, but too late.

what do you have to contribute, AproditeCak?
is "black habiru**" "the mark of the beast" i'm after?
what else?

A shamanic defence for the sun from malevolent spirits during it's daily travel
the mysts of Avalon 
` `` ``` ````` ``````` ``` `` ` ` ` `

** my Preciousss explained on DreamHackers.Eu at length (deleted since from the public part) - some sort of black mark on some spot along the spine, which causes the individual's sexual energy to  shift from the genitals to the anus. she noted that it "frees" the focus on family bonds and suchlike and creates "more free" (literally more gay) society. but this, i reckon, is a marking for high casts, particularely those involved with sorcery;  not laborars".)

` `` ``` ````` ``````` ``` `` ` ` ` `
*see my next post

P.S. aspen, x and the rest of the gang - merlin, tosk, g, ju4o, ha9cards - following this review, i'm sure you can see how come i don't want to be tagged as "tovarish" or "Tv" or even "comrade" - find something else, or skip any title. z, z woman , is good enough. thank you.

~edited three times by me~
New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by ju4o on 21 February 2016 09:51:40 PM »
This is ongoing commentary, as you and Tv Z have picked up on the inebriation factor in the story so far and appear to be interested in more detailed information about it.

Gaspar Culan, at the time of these events, was a candidate for the priesthood, and he was soon identified by the bishop as a secret weapon in the church's long campaign to put an end to the practice of the Old Ways which so persistently depleted the ranks of the clergy.

"For forty years [the bishop's] predecessors were consistently foiled by the persuasive and charming nature of the Tzutujil and their old ecstatic rituals, which had in several instances even seduced the priests and nuns assigned to the village into leaving the church and marrying each other.  The bishop had reasoned that if Gaspar Culan, who was the son of respected shamans and idol-worshipping traditionalists, could be made into the town's Catholic priest, then it would follow that the traditionalists' back could be broken and the entire younger generation would lay down their idols and come in with their hands raised."

New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by Mr X on 20 February 2016 09:18:55 PM »
hello mr j,

who is Gaspar Culan, how does he fit into this ?

New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by tally-ho! on 17 February 2016 12:09:56 PM »

it's a post i have written for this thread, but couldn't post for some time (and no wise-ass editor to blame!) - eventually, folowwing a hint, i opened new thread.

 seems now i can copy it here, delet it there.

any problem with anybody if i do that?
no answer i'll take for yes.
you (whoever) can answer somewhere else though.
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