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Hello.  Alongside the forum we now have a GNU mailman-based unarchived email discussion list called email4 at (

It should be easy to use, and let us hope it works!  Please advise of any feature requests or problems.

As we are having our first ever publicity drive perhaps I should try and explain why this email list isn't actually working at the moment.

Forum4 used to be hosted at Dreamhost, one of the old-time enfants terribles of the web hosting industry who used to be good but which have recently brought in professional management with disastrous results.

I started feeling it was time to look for a new enfant terrible of the web hosting industry to move to.

Basically I googled for "find me a host that is as good as Dreamhost used to be 10 years ago".

What google came up with was Webfaction.  It said that if you plug "Webfaction sucks" into google you would get very few results.

So I tried doing that, and got 271 results.  As opposed to 81,400 results for "Dreamhost sucks".

The entire first page of the results for "Webfaction sucks" consisted of articles explaining that if you plug "Webfaction sucks" into google you get very few results.

There was even an article which explained how on the Webfaction web site they invite you to plug "Webfaction sucks" into google, and see how many or few results you get.

Not only that, but the first page of the results contained articles which actually complained that if you plug "Webfaction sucks" into google you get very few results.

Like this for example,

--- Quote ---I WANT THAT FIVE MINUTES OF MY LIFE BACK.  I plugged "Webfaction sucks" into google and all I got were a lot of articles explaining that if you plug "Webfaction sucks" into google you get very few results.
--- End quote ---

Dear Reader, I think I'd better stop.  Anyway, Forum4 is now hosted at Webfaction.  But I never got around to making this email list work at the new host.  I thought no one would miss it, and I didn't know there was going to be a publicity drive.  Sorry.  Hopefully no one will miss it.  If they do, I will get it working again.

This is a test

(I think something may have gone wrong with the forum notification mailer, I will explain if/when I find out what might have gone wrong)

second test

Well it seems that the forum emailer has stopped working.  According to the error logs, it stopped working shortly before March 27th.

Does this matter?

It is used for sending new message notifactions (to people who have requested notifications, which is by no means everyone) and it is involved in the new member registration process.  Plus a few other uses, but those are probably the main ones.

I imagine that we could exist without new message notifications, but a forum which new members cannot register at would seem to negate the whole reason for having a forum, so I suggest we should try to fix it or at least think about it.


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