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3rd test

Mr X:
last notification i got from email was march 28, from a post marked as march 27 on forum time (sanchez thread). nothing since then.

Thanks for checking that up.

Hopefully the problem is now fixed.  Let us see if this post which I am now making generates the correct notifications.

The problem was caused by gmail moving its technology up a notch, in the direction of all email being encrypted, beyond what smf could cope with.

The forum has now changed from gmail to zoho as its email provider.  Zoho appears to be a most worthwhile company:

Mr X:
notifications are now active again.


Well I do like zoho, especially for its unique recruitment practices outlined above, but somehow I'm not finding it 100% convincing.

It seems OK.  But if a solution to the problem with gmail turns up, then I can imagine we might decide to revert.


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