Author Topic: my unborn super-hero babies, come to the rescue!  (Read 47150 times)


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my unborn super-hero babies, come to the rescue!
« on: 28 September 2021 08:01:59 PM »
Trees and Penguins Freedom Warriors' Underground -

the cartoon-to-be
   (providing i'll find a painter before the Holocaust-  ecological or other -  strike)
edit: oh- the image is gone... (posted it here first - image only)  but now there's a link:
(in case the link  break again - go to forum4\yuku, Trees and Penguins Freedom Warriors' Underground of Plants, Animals &Minerals - the cartoon ).
{coming back here,  the image gone! i entered "modify", saw - that image had wierd address - yea, i was suspicious when i made it... it resembled one i've posted once to show what x-san sent me by mail (? do i remember correctly? no not going to check now) which jufo\aspen-san once {PRETENDED he} suspected me of wishing to damage the infrastructure of the board (x-san did something - don't remember what - that caused me post, "it's a war", so jufo reconed i declare war on and admin! - i meant to say,  x-san was attacking me (with no formal decleration). aspen-san explained - the long link look like hand-crafted mine set to attack said infrastructure. i replied no, i'm too ignorant for such kind of war, maybe a poetic one? aspen=san said OK. the rest is history, but mostly at a secret part of forum4\org.
wow there's a thread there - i don't remember ever seeing it's late part! did i really write those tally-ho!'s posts? my style, but better...
both -sans there tried to trick me (DJ+Jenaro way) into learning some html, bbcode - i replied - love your eccelent teaching, aspenito, but i want to choose to learn, not be pulled by the nose! and i won't commit myself to orderly study. bravo, taly-ho!, bravo! (as the greek  prover goes) - very well said - but did i ever say that?? could i possibly forgrt such triumph???  or will i in the future? or what?
mandella efect?
not the first time i see my online-dialoges improved, but so far all i could assume seriousely was - the Trees and Penguins Freedom Warriors' Underground probably employs a shadow-editor to cover my !*@*%$& in case i mess-up... as some paltzufas' Algorithm bother systematically regressing my posts to earlier, less mature versions...

+there's a newer thread:
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אָהוֹי כַּנְטַלָהּ
בַּרִ^י(כְּ) מָנְטָלַה
טַרֻי וָצַ'קָ[ת]
רַתּוּי מֻ(מ)רַטָּ[ת]
כָּהָר מַרֲטָה
טָרִיק בָּרְבַּרֻ רָטַּטֻהִי

~נהפכ נהפכ ונהפכ~