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X 's shenanigans
« on: 12 June 2017 08:28:54 AM »

i post it in the open for i'm in a dexter allert situation
hello z,

do you like doing things without knowing why you are doing them.
do you like knowing when to do what.

well then, do i have an mission for you. invite cashatnet users klaaages and pg register to forum4. but you cant just make an internet post to invite them, you have to do it privately. personally invite them. if they have any trouble registering here, direct them to j or tosk. i would like to hear their thoughts, if there was and conspiracy against sr, what would be their strategy or opnions. the more hands on deck, or thoughts on the subject, the better.

mr g, if you see this, for the sake of curiosity, is there anything interesting to note about shakespeares and the ides of march. what is the standard and non standard interpretation of what he said about that.

אָהוֹי כַּנְטַלָהּ
בַּרִ^י(כְּ) מָנְטָלַה
טַרֻי וָצַ'קָ[ת]
רַתּוּי מֻ(מ)רַטָּ[ת]
כָּהָר מַרֲטָה
טָרִיק בָּרְבַּרֻ רָטַּטֻהִי

~נהפכ נהפכ ונהפכ~