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If you have a monthly allowance of 9GB then maybe fate wants you to watch less internet video.

Beware if it wants you to stop drinking coffee or tea.

--- Quote ---I understood the peril he was talking about, or rather I had the bodily sensation that I was standing on the brink of an abyss, and that if I leaned forward I would fall into it.

"Your assemblage point moved to heightened awareness," he continued, "because I have lent you my energy."

We ate in silence, very simple food. Don Juan did not allow me to drink coffee or tea.

"While you are using my energy," he said, "you're not in your own time. You are in mine. I drink water."

As we were walking back to my car I felt a bit nauseous. I staggered and almost lost my balance. It was a sensation similar to that of walking while wearing glasses for the first time.

"Get hold of yourself," don Juan said, smiling. "Where we're going, you'll need to be extremely precise."
--- End quote ---

P.S. you can set your gmail account to be permanently in basic html mode.  When logged into your account, go to this link: which will temporarily switch mode to basic html, and then near the top of the screen click where it says "Set basic HTML as default view" in order to make the switch permanent.

no, permanently on HTML i'll have to go thru zilion   facebook notifications and such before i see normal mail (in normal display they are in "social" directory) , or cancel them, which i prefer not to - facebook is very elusive with me, (like other sites) and it's good to have confirmations of thing that otherwise tend to disappear.

--- Quote ---maybe fate wants you to watch less internet video.
--- End quote ---
or maybe he rather wants me stuck with extremely slow internet -for youtubs tend to start voluntariousely, sometimes with no sound, so i miss stopping them. sometimes they start few at a time. oh, maybe fate is trying to hint tactfully that i should close all those youtube tabs?
on the other hand fate dosn't want me to save links in whatever  way - they disappear from favorites,  files...

fate definitely got me to take these nonsense stoically.
but... no coffee? damn

--- Quote ---you'll need to be extremely precise.
--- End quote ---
"now be precize" is what i say to myself in certain occasions, after Charlie.
not falling backward out and in to reality again?
Meitar's warning?
you too brute?
(not now! now i need some SLEEP! why am i awake at 5:15 in the morning? when all i wanted ever since  20:00 was SLEEEEP?


--- Quote --- It was a sensation similar to that of walking while wearing glasses for the first time.

--- End quote ---
but... Carlos had excellent eye-sight? i remember the description of the stones on the stream where he took meskalito.
aspenito is your secret boss irritated today? you cwon't believe how slow my computer got.

tell him\her to relax. i've already drank my morning-coffee this afternoon.

aspenito, did you see my new forum?
SEERS OF THE NEW ERA (and assorted cosmic riffraff) > charlila
what do you think?


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