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New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by ju4o on 09 February 2016 11:30:14 AM »
Yes there are quotes about hangovers,

I awoke more dead than alive, still poisoned by the requisite "canyon water" we'd ritually received the night before.  Like everyone else in the village, I had a bad ceremonial hangover.

......passed unconscious onto the floor of pine needles beneath the low ceiling packed full of corozo palm flowers, whose smell alone could take you to other worlds

I had made my supplications, and not long after I must have succumbed and passed out.  Or, as the Mayans say, I became wounded in the soul's battle ...... when I awoke on a floor full of the wounded, I didn't care about anything except survival.  I wanted only to get the nausea out of my burning stomach, the pain out of my head, and the shivers out of my bones.

It is funny you should bring this up because that third quoted passage is the prelude to one of the more magical passages in the book, where he voyages by "a big old black Cadillac-type car" into another realm.

I rolled and staggered to the doorway.  The delicious morning lake air fled in front of an onslaught of heavy perfume.  Not knowing who to expect, what I saw inspired me to fake a sober air.
New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by Mr X on 08 February 2016 05:02:03 PM »
thanks for the pics mr j,

for all the drinking pretchel does, are there any quotes of what he thinks of hangovers.

the idea of getting drunk in the third world and later experiencing 'the fear' would be interesting.

New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by tally-ho! on 07 February 2016 11:23:39 PM »
 ;D ;D ;D :D ;) ;D ;D 8) :D ;D
what a life well lived!
i'm envious!

reccalling the one time we rowed a canoe to cross some part of the Atitlan lake  (i'm quite sure it was the Atitlan, consulted google map)...
a miserable journey, mostly...
oh why can't i loosen up? sooth the harsh fighting, propitiate forgotten, starved, and  worsheeped, obese gods, and policemen, and jefes, drink intoxicating liquer with them and transform personal power into sheer laughter medicine?

too late...
and too macho anyway!
impossible with all this latent motherhood!
New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by ju4o on 07 February 2016 04:45:03 PM »
You think we should have a more spiritual example?  OK, it is simply a matter of opening the book a little further on, where Martín has become an apprentice of the famous shaman Nicolas Chiviliu Tacaxoy.  As student, he has to accompany his teacher on shamanic outings such as the one described here:

New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by tally-ho! on 06 February 2016 07:10:19 PM »
ohh thanks ju4osito! the pretchel quote was such a healing laughter!

 how does this true nourishment look when it comes to the spiritual?
is casta's jaguar still lurking on the pan-indian highway?*

with us Guatemala didn't agree that much though...
` `` ``` `` ` ` ` `
*hey  - did kasta SAY it's the same story as the puma? i don't remember it this detailed... could it possibly be just 2 different stories after all? never occurred to me... thus i guess he did... could someone confirm?
New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by ju4o on 05 February 2016 03:23:49 PM »
As a half blood Native American with a Pueblo Indian upbringing, his life took him from New Mexico to the village of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. There becoming a full village member of the Tzutujil Mayan population, he eventually served as a principal in that body of village leaders responsible for instructing the young people in the meanings of their ancient stories through the rituals of adult rights of passage.

Here Martín Prechtel describes his first entry into Guatemala:

New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by Mr X on 05 February 2016 08:18:36 AM »
hello j,

your read of the situation is pretty good. although keep in mind when your only have one explanation, its possible you are missing something.

if i recall, i started this thread late on an saturday night. i was very drunk, enough that on sunday, hours after being awake, i remembered posting this thread and considered deleting it.

i was bored of the recent activity upstairs, this topic was something i remembered. i have kept the book around my desk all year so it was not the first time i thought of it.

the measure of annoying is perhaps not the best value we can use. for instance, i find existing pretty annoying. that doesnt mean we shouldnt talk about existence.

i sorta assumed we had decided to cover this topic one day, and i wanted to keep my word. do you think we should abandon this book and plunge into pretchel instead, or should we do both with a stiff upper lip. at about one week per chapter it would only take two months.

there is also not much else going on here at the moment.

mr x.

ps. i forgot to say - mr j please explain the deep spiritual nourishment part, it is an interesting choice of words but i dont quite get what it means in context.
New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by ju4o on 04 February 2016 10:05:25 PM »
I'm not surprised to hear that you find Sanchez annoying.  But what is surprising me is why ever did you start this thread in the first place, given that you already found Sanchez annoying when we discussed him more than a year ago.

The only explanation I can think of is that when you started this thread you had forgotten how annoying you found Sanchez last year.  Maybe, having not thought about him for a whole year, all that remained in your mind was a sense of deep spiritual nourishment, and that is what brought you back to the subject and made you start this thread.  Then, when you had started the thread, and remembered how annoying Sanchez is, you panicked and are now wondering how to salvage the situation.

Well, as I also mentioned last year, I think you might enjoy reading Prechtel's first book.

We are all scoundrels, but Prechtel is a completely different kind of scoundrel from what Sanchez is, and I think of a kind that you would find a whole lot more agreeable.

By the way, Prechtel has written a few books.  If you do read one, I would suggest this first one.  The others are more folklory and somewhat tedious (imo).  The one I mentioned is rip-roaring and hilarious.
New age myths / Re: Victor Sanchez - Toltecs Of The New Millennium
« Last post by Mr X on 03 February 2016 11:01:30 AM »
hello mr j,

yes we have the same edition, confirmed.

yes sanchez is annoying, i was going to quote the 'to my father' thing as my first example of that fact.

there was an book last year that you recommended, that i said i would read this year. i have been thinking about that book, as it now next year - to save me looking it up in old posts, was it the pretchel book ?
i will look about, i would prefer an ebook version so i can read it on my phone.

i cant think of any toltec based author we could examine that i would not find annoying, including casta. i can accept the silent knowledge livery and pass it off as cultural code for intuition. doesnt make sanchez not annoying, but what is one to do.

the possibility of pretchel being not annoying is slim.

this is not my response to the first 3 parts, just my reply to you. but i think so far we are on the same page.

mr x.
New age myths / Re: the pan-galactic conference - fact or fiction?
« Last post by tally-ho! on 01 February 2016 12:44:21 AM »
a story about - an attempted abduction? in order to achieve control over a conference? pan-galactic conference? or just another sci.f story?
i dont know. though i have written it. as weird as it sounds...
it started with a threat on my life via P.M. if i won't leave the board DreamHackers.Eu, following my reprimanding post (in the deserted English forum) sometime after magmas' announcement that ravenna, the previous leader and teacher of the group, was murdered along with her man (a "DreamHacker" himself.)
the announcement on DreamHackers.Eu English forum said -  both were killed in bad, in hotel room, immidiately change into second version: rented flat.
that could be true or just an excuse to disappear from the internet - as some internet hackers would. no mention in the news.
there was no sign of mourning in the group, anyway - ravenna seemed to be beloved, she was leading them (alegedly) through dangers in dreamland, a charismatic yet also personally passionate leader.

shortly after "the murder", magmas announced a date for "a punitive flash mob" against "marmade", a user in the foe site DreamHacker.Ru. according to her, that lady was in the Russian modern KGB like organization and was responsible to the murder of Ravenna.
the "punitive" "flash-mob" was to be a gathering on-line on pre-destined time,, led by magmas, who led sort of ritual in order to hurt, magically, that lady.

 i published it on several places on-line, including DreamHackers.Eu.

following a general back-turning at the forum, i asked their current leader, magmas (on board) if this is a hint that she wants me to leave. she replied - the one who threatened you was a narko from Minsk, we blocked him (registration to the board was temporarily disabled) i write this so you can calm down and not worry, i'm your friend.
(i addressed the Israeli police at some point, they said they won't help.)
it's late, and i find myself re-writing a fuller verson then the Hewbrew - i post it as is and go to sleep, to be continued.

~edited once by me~
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