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τεχνική / Re: test
« Last post by ju4o on 12 March 2023 11:56:20 AM »
Hmmm ... "if the change went ok no one will notice anything" ... actually that was putting things too strongly!  What seems to have happened is that email notifications from the forum system got inadvertently turned off.

So nobody has been noticing anything at all.  Sorry, and now fixed I hope (this message is a test)
New age myths / my unborn super-hero babies, come to the rescue!
« Last post by tally-ho! on 28 September 2021 08:01:59 PM »
Trees and Penguins Freedom Warriors' Underground -

the cartoon-to-be
   (providing i'll find a painter before the Holocaust-  ecological or other -  strike)
edit: oh- the image is gone... (posted it here first - image only)  but now there's a link:
(in case the link  break again - go to forum4\yuku, Trees and Penguins Freedom Warriors' Underground of Plants, Animals &Minerals - the cartoon ).
{coming back here,  the image gone! i entered "modify", saw - that image had wierd address - yea, i was suspicious when i made it... it resembled one i've posted once to show what x-san sent me by mail (? do i remember correctly? no not going to check now) which jufo\aspen-san once {PRETENDED he} suspected me of wishing to damage the infrastructure of the board (x-san did something - don't remember what - that caused me post, "it's a war", so jufo reconed i declare war on and admin! - i meant to say,  x-san was attacking me (with no formal decleration). aspen-san explained - the long link look like hand-crafted mine set to attack said infrastructure. i replied no, i'm too ignorant for such kind of war, maybe a poetic one? aspen=san said OK. the rest is history, but mostly at a secret part of forum4\org.
wow there's a thread there - i don't remember ever seeing it's late part! did i really write those tally-ho!'s posts? my style, but better...
both -sans there tried to trick me (DJ+Jenaro way) into learning some html, bbcode - i replied - love your eccelent teaching, aspenito, but i want to choose to learn, not be pulled by the nose! and i won't commit myself to orderly study. bravo, taly-ho!, bravo! (as the greek  prover goes) - very well said - but did i ever say that?? could i possibly forgrt such triumph???  or will i in the future? or what?
mandella efect?
not the first time i see my online-dialoges improved, but so far all i could assume seriousely was - the Trees and Penguins Freedom Warriors' Underground probably employs a shadow-editor to cover my !*@*%$& in case i mess-up... as some paltzufas' Algorithm bother systematically regressing my posts to earlier, less mature versions...

+there's a newer thread:
New age myths / Re: grappling with the myths 2
« Last post by tally-ho! on 28 September 2021 07:11:43 PM »
τεχνική / Re: test
« Last post by Merlin on 21 December 2020 12:41:28 PM »
Ad meliora
τεχνική / test
« Last post by âspen on 21 December 2020 12:12:54 PM »
testing, because we just changed web hosts ... old host was webfaction, which has been stalwart but which evaporated rather than bend to capitalist reamers, new host is opalstack, staying a jump ahead while hopefully continuing to promote socialist values ... if the change went ok no one will notice anything.

test - can it be done this way? l.e. posted as files, then open the  files in new tabs and post it's link?(hope it's OK with you f4 survivors that i post the pics twice... i want them well presented and as usual, more... i really need some sleep now.)
(this crazy size again... at The Hat & forum4 tapatalk they appear normal size (same files).
oh forgot about the
New age myths / Re: obituary: Yalalyah is dead
« Last post by tally-ho! on 14 May 2018 11:21:46 PM »
hallow Shawn, good to see you. thanks for comforting.

maybe he's waiting for me? he's dead! or do you mean heaven, hell?
do you believe in suchlike?
hmm... a rirual indeed. #16-#18


Swimming for my Dad / "oedipus shmoedipus, what count is that i love mom!"
« Last post by tally-ho! on 14 May 2018 01:48:21 PM »
Before we can speculate on how peoples will be 500 years from now, we should consider peoples in their current form.

Axiom A: Peoples are apemonkeys.

(Although someone made a case that peoples are pig-ape hybrids. This is so perfect that it should be true even if it isn't. I'll link later. *)

Peoples primary mover is a basic program that can be expressed  thus in BASIC:

20 EAT
40 GOTO 10

This very basic program, identical to that of a fruit fly, is now run on the fastest, most capacious computer for lightyears around. The computer makes it seem, to the user, that it is moved by art and philosophy and dreams and love. However, the computer is simply rationalizing.

The peoples are capable of art and cetera, but this largely doesn't matter as it is a fringe concern. The computer will execute the program at all costs.

To most efficiently execute the program, the computer is set to monitor for threshold levels of chemical signals. "If T > x execute subroutine ENTITLED MF" The computer has identified that the individual has High Potency and that it would benefit the species gene pool if it mates more often. To facilitate higher mating frequency, Low Potency units are programmed "If T < x execute subroutine OBEY EMF". (Only in the presence of the EMF; at home one should always bitch and whine.)

Low Potency units are compelled to assist the EMF unit to AVOID DEATH and EAT. High Desirability female units are programmed to assess T in male units as well. "If T > x GOTO 30 in programme MAIN". Females lower on the scale will assess T in the remaining units and GOTO 30, however big T still reigns supreme.

Conclusion of Part 1:

Entitlement and inequality is programmed into us apemonkeys. This produces all wars, religions and gentlemen's clubs. Wars are spats among EMFs. We are programmed to obey. It also produces technology and art and architecture and music as the possessors of mediocre T seek to attract mates and prove their usefulness to the EMF.

Prelude to Part 2:

But this is only the program of the apemonkeys. The under-ubermensch. I feel grotesque having written this down, I don't really feel we're like this. We're just mostly like this. We have the beginnings of better beings within us and I'm okay with that.
In our next episode, I shall consider what an ubermensch might be like.

Kind regards,
R. Apemonkey III


PS, an EMF is an expletive laden abbreviation of an oedipal nature I used in another thread. Entitled Motherf?????

PS, an EMF is an expletive laden abbreviation of an oedipal nature I used in another thread. Entitled Motherf?????

"oedipus shmoedipus, what count is that i love mom!"
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